About Human Simulation

Computer simulation of human life in the mind-culture nexus

Human simulation is the application of techniques from computational simulation and data science to achieve two complementary goals. The theoretical goal is to enhance research in the humanities and human-science domains with reference to the nexus of human minds, human cultures, and physical environments. The practical goal is to solve urgent social and public-health problems using data-driven decision-support tools and artificial environments for policy exploration.

The Human Simulation Group operates this site. An international collective of scholars and researchers representing several organizations and numerous research projects, the Human Simulation Group includes subject-matter experts in many areas as well as simulation engineers and software developers.

There are not many venues where philosophers, ethicists, and historians work alongside social scientists, public-health experts, policy professionals, legal scholars, computer engineers, and strategic communications specialists. This radical multidisciplinarity is part of what makes the Human Simulation Group distinctive. Explore this site and see what we’re doing. Consider joining forces with us. Working together, we can make headway on the seemingly intractable challenges of increasingly technologized societies and leave the world a better place than we found it.

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